Sandra Cadena

Customer Service and Administration Manager


I am the Responsible of Customer Services and I am in charge of the daily operations of the Cultural Trips that we organize throughout the year.


In addition, I am responsible for the Sustainability Tourism of  Centre Europeu, and currently with this commitment we have joined The Biosphere Adhesion Program, to guarantee actions aimed at preventing, eliminating and reducing the negative impact on the environment, economy, society and culture of our activities at the destinations we visit. Fortunately, this commitment is gaining momentum in the world of tourism. I think it is everyone’s responsibility to develop an ethical and responsible tourism when we travel because caring for the destination that welcomes us is caring for our Planet.


What I like most about my job is the contact with people and being able to recommend the best experiences to each person.


Since I was a child, I have traveled with Centre Europeu, and every destination, no matter how close, has given me who I am today. A person who loves nature, discovering new places and cultures, and knowing how to enjoy the little things and every moment.


My studies at a french high-school made French, my third language . This language has allowed me to get to know depthly the wonders of my neighboring country France and move around the world, especially Europe. If I had to say what I feel, I would say European.


I am passionate about the different cultures that make up the continent, especially discovering the artistic evolution of each place. For me, Art is about discovering history through its most rebellious actors. My favorite style is modernism, especially the one that started in Vienna in 1897, the Secession, with Gustav Klimt at the helm. I could spend whole afternoons looking at Google Arts and discovering new shapes and colors in his paintings! I encourage you to have a look if you don’t know him!


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