Values and Philosophy


Mireia Teixidó, professor of gardening and botany and Centre Europeu de Barcelona, ​​team up and join up their passion for gardens, nature and the organization of cultural activities.

Our values and philosophy: respect for the environment, friendship, leisure and the pursuit of excellence. Come and join us if you also love natureculture and you want to make friends and live great moments,  join our activities!


Passion for Excellence

We have been organizing itineraries in parks and gardens since 1977. Constant exploration is part of our DNA, therefore we keep searching the most spectacular visits, gardens and routes in Barcelona, Catalonia and Europe. Our team of Professors and Guides is committed to create a unique experience in each activity.

We go where mass tourism does not go. Also, our routes are unique because we enjoy every place with respect, curiosity and with no haste.


Passion for Nature, Sustainability and Culture

We are passionate for nature, gardens and parks, that’s why we love promoting garden tours and environmental knowledge.

It is now more important than ever to protect the planet and the species that inhabit it and we believe that one of the best ways to do this is by bringing parks and gardens closer to people. We have been awarded with Biosphere Responsible Tourism Certification, and the Safe Travel award, which accredits us as a safe, sustainable, sociocultural and economically responsible tourism company. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable tourism.


Passion for People

Moreover, we like listening to people and offering personalized attention. We know that everyone has different motivations and needs.

Our guides and professors form a great family and they help you feel like part of it, like at home. We foster friendship among all the people by creating a diverse and inclusive group atmosphere. Here, everyone has their place. On the other hand, we like hearing the opinions and suggestions of our participants, which inspire us to keep improving our activities, excursions and trips.

Thus, we are passionate for connecting gardens and nature to people and we want to share those great excursions and trips with you. See how you can participate in our tours!


Passion for Knowledge and Leisure

Also, we believe that socialising and having quality leisure time is like medicine for the soul. Covid-19 has taught us the hard way.

Our Professors and Guides are great communicators and passionate experts. They work towards offering quality leisure moments, in order you can enjoy better your free time. We work with great enthusiasm to improve people’s life before, during and after participating in the activities.

Equally, Integrity, respect and honesty are part of our values, creating an environment of trust, where you can just feel good. Come and enjoy! Check our next activities here.


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