How to Join In


Jarditours Activities are open to everyone interested. Discover how to join in!


  • The weekly Program of Visits and Day-Trips is available after signing-up to the Centre Europeu Cultural Club Membership Program (Check here More Info).
  • Non-members are welcome to enjoy our unique european Garden Trips, which include transportation and hotel stay.
  • Lastly, besides the membership program and the trips, Jarditours also designs and organises flexible private tours on demand. If you are an Educational Institution or a group of interested individuals, we have much to offer you!



1-day Activities and Excursions 


To take part in the 1-day activities and excursions, you need to become a member.

For only € 12 a month, you can enjoy a wide range of unique visits and excursions to Parks and Gardens throughout Barcelona and Catalonia, as well as many other activities to discover the historical and artistic heritage of the territory. These are free or at a very low price, every week of the year.

  • If you want to see all our activities and 1 day excursions, click here.
  • If you have already decided you want to enjoy our free activities and excursions, please fill out this online registration form.




Innovative Garden Trips


In our trips,  members of Jarditours and also non-members can participate .

We are passionate about crossing borders and discovering all the natural heritage that surrounds us.

For this reason, we organize trips during weekends, bridges and holidays all over Catalonia, Spain and Europe, visiting the parks and gardens with the accompaniment of our own guides and the collaboration of local guides.

Moreover, all the years we have of experience have allowed us to know the countries we visit in great depth. That’s why we can offer you exclusive trips, which you won’t find in other travel agencies. We have in countries like Holland, Switzerland or any of the spanish regions.


Flexible Private Tours


If you are a company, a university, a school, or a private group we also organize exclusive visits and excursions to Parks and Gardens throughout Catalonia and Barcelona.

Furthermore, our guides and teachers specializing in Gardening and Botany will discover you all the secrets of all the green spaces, plants and flowers that surround us.

In addition, we may organize you an activity or itinerary adapted to your wishes and needs.

Get in touch and let’s travel together!

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