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Centre Europeu de Barcelona is a Cultural Center specialized in the organization of Cultural and Nature Activities and Trips. For more information, click here.

Jarditours is the Program of  Centre Europeu dedicated to the dissemination of Parks, Gardens and specific trips of Gardens and Landscapes. The Jarditours Program was founded and is directed by the Official Guide Mireia Teixidó. You can check more info here.


Every week a Program of free activities and excursions through Catalonia is organized, where we visit parks, gardens, and private houses, with interesting explanations of gardening, botany, art and history. All visits are accompanied by teachers and expert guides in botany, art and history.

To participate it is necessary to be a Member of Club Cultural Centre Europeu. Becoming a member is very easy, see how to do it here.

A trip refers to an outing of more than one day, which includes guided tours, transportation and hotels.

The Garden Tours of Centre Europeu enjoy an excellent organization, and a unique Program with exclusive visits to Parks, Gardens and private Houses throughout Europe.

It is a unique proposal, and different from the rest of the agencies. You will enjoy a detailed and personalized treatment, and a high quality of service with the accompaniment of our Guides and Teachers. In addition, we stay in good, specially selected, central and comfortable hotels.

Some examples of trips we have made:

  • The Gardens of the Pazos and the route of the Camellias in Galicia.
  • Art and Gardens in Holland during the blooming of the tulips.
  • Lavender fields in the Camargue and Provence.
  • The Gardens of the Roman Villas in Rome.

The Trips are open to all interested persons and you do not have to be a Member of the Club Cultural Centre Europeu to participate.

Sign up in advance as places are very limited! Check here the next scheduled trips. Come with us! We will wait for you!

All garden trips and activities are posted on the following website.

By accessing you will see the Activity card of the scheduled departures, with all the details such as the Meeting Point, Meeting Time, Price, etc …

To be informed you can tell us your email and we will send you our Newsletter or you can follow the Facebook and Instagram page of Jarditours and Centre Europeu, where we post a lot of information.

In normal times our groups have an average of participants of between 25 and 35 people. (Due to Covid-19, the groups have been reduced in a mandatory way).

You will find a very good atmosphere and like-minded people interested in the theme of gardens, landscapes and nature. It is a very good place to socialize, make friends, and have interesting plans every weekend.

Singles, friends, girlfriends, couples participate in our activities … We welcome everyone, fostering a group atmosphere and friendship.

Discover here all our cultural activities in parks and gardens.

We welcome anyone in our group regardless of age, but we are an active travel agency, which means that we insist on remembering the importance of good physical condition for our light walks and different activities during the tours.

Most of the participants are between the ages of 50 and 65.

Do you accept children under 12 years of age?

Yes, we accept children under 12 years old. They must always be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

The Cultural, Nature and Garden Activities are aimed at active people and require a minimum of physical form to participate. You must be in good health and have a minimum level of physical and mental fitness that does not harm the enjoyment of the other participants by slowing down or absorbing disproportionate attention from the guides and teachers of the Activities and tours.

Please, take the following test to verify that you can participate:

Self-Assessment Physical Tests:

1. The minimum physical condition required is that you must be able to walk without assistance at a pace of 4 km / hour for at least half an hour.

2. You must be able to stand unaided for at least 30 minutes.

We are happy to hear that you want to book a trip with us!

You have three options available to reserve:

Individual Reservations

  1. Online: Click the “Book Now” button in the travel program you wish to register for and complete the reservation form.
  2. Web form: Contact us
  3. By phone: call this number: +34 93.430.99.79.
  4. By email: Write us an email at

Remember that in order to participate in the Free Activities and Excursions Program, you must be a Member of the Club Cultural Centre Europeu.

If you want to sign up for a trip with a hotel, it is not necessary to be a member of the Cultural Club to participate, and you have to follow the same procedure to sign up.

Group Reservations:

  1. Web form: Contact us
  2. By phone: call this number: +34 93.430.99.79.
  3. By email: Write us an email at

The guide will be waiting for you at the starting point specified in the Program Activity Card published on the website. He or she will be accredited and will have a list with the name of the reservation. Show your reservation or just say your name to join!

In each detailed program you will find the meeting points for the different tours.

To facilitate the check-in at the guide and to be able to leave on time, we ask our participants to arrive 10 minutes in advance.

Yes, free basic medical insurance is included from the moment you sign up for any Jarditours trip or activity. Find all the details in the following link: Booking Conditions.

On some trips you can also take out Cancellation Insurance.

We recommend that you always carry your European health card with you to travel.

Check here the reservation conditions, and the cancellation and return policy: Reservation Conditions.

Our free activities in Barcelona are on foot. Usually the meeting point is a public place, such as a square, a metro stop, etc.

The 1-day excursions are by coach and the trips, depending on the destination, are by plane, train or coach.

In both cases, you must read the Excursion Card where you will find all the information such as the meeting point, the schedule, the transport, etc.

Your luggage will always depend on the time of year you travel, but here are some tips so you don’t forget anything.

Make sure to check the Excursion file before each visit where the minimum luggage requirements are indicated.

In general, don’t forget to bring the following items on your trips:

  • Theft-proof backpack or bag: While no bag can be completely theft-proof, choose bags that have strong straps and that cross your body.
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather: Make sure to check the weather with a weather app and make sure you have the appropriate clothing for the weather. Warm in winter, go cool in summer and in spring and fall be prepared for any type of weather.
  • Comfortable and non-slip shoes that support the ankle well: the best way to enjoy cities, towns, gardens, museums … is walking! Make sure you have shoes with good support so you don’t tire your feet.
  • Sunscreen: it is essential to prevent painful sunburn, especially in summer.
  • Bug or Mosquito Spray: Some areas in summer can get hot and humid, making them a perfect environment for some insects to breed and live. No mosquito will be contagious with diseases in Spain, but they can bite you, so protect yourself especially if you are allergic or think you might have an allergic reaction.

In one-day activities and excursions, to eat, we give participants free time in towns and small villages, with different local bars and restaurants offering the menu of the day  with the best value for money.

It is also very common to have a picnic in a green area or park. Consult the Program of the visit to the Excursion File to know more.

On trips, normally the chosen hotels offer half board, which means that we will include breakfast and dinner. There is but check in the Travel Program in each case.

I am vegetarian, gluten free or have dietary restrictions, can I choose the food?

If you can do it, if once the reservation is confirmed you indicate it in advance to, we must also remind the Guide at the beginning of the excursion.

To protect the health of the participants, we have activated a security protocol based on the two regulations in force that affect our Activity: the Procicat Tourism Guides Sector Action Plan (issued in July 2020) and in the DOGC where regulate restrictions.

During the activities, the mandatory security measures are the following:

  • They are for a maximum of 15 people and are organized in double shifts.
  • Safety distance (1.5 m) between participants and subgroups (6 people) assigned at the beginning of the visit.
  • Mandatory use of a mask
    Cleaning hands with disinfectant gel whenever necessary.
  • The Guides and Teachers will remind you of the safety protocol at the beginning of each trip or trip. Follow their instructions at all times.

Sanitary restrictions and measures imposed by official authorities may not allow activities and trips to be carried out. We will keep you informed of any news and updates.

All the activities described in the Program are included. In our tours you can enjoy free time during the day to discover for yourself.

All the activities that have an extra cost, are indicated in the Program and therefore you will know them before coming. There will never be any extra cost not indicated in the Excursion Program.

Make sure to book your visit in advance!

Of course! We are happy to welcome you. Just write an email to or call us at +34 93.430.99.79 to know more about your plans!

Centre Europeu also designs specific cultural programs for educational entities such as Universities. Contact us for more information.

If you have not found an answer to your question, please call us at 93.430.99.79 or write to us at, we will give you an answer in less than 24 hours!

Get in touch and let’s travel together!

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