General Conditions – Insurances – Cancellations

Jarditours’ General Conditions are those in force according to the regulations of combined trips of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Enrollment, whether in person, online, by telephone or by other means, implies full acceptance of each and every one of the sections of this brochure and the detailed programs for each trip or outing.

In order to guarantee your place, once the reservation is confirmed, you must then make the corresponding payment for the excursion or departure or the payment and deposit of a trip. It is not possible to save places for excursions and trips, if the corresponding payment has not been made.

In the 1-day coach excursions, once the registration has been made and confirmed, the full amount of the excursion will be paid immediately within a maximum period of 3–4 days. This amount must always be paid before departure. In Trips of 2 or more days, which include hotels, it is necessary to make an advance or payment and a reservation signal (indicated in each program) also within a maximum period of 3–4 days after registration. The rest of the payment must be made, at most, until the deadline indicated in each program. The places reserved and not paid in the indicated periods will be canceled.

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In all our trips of more than one day, weekends and long weekends, we have included in the price a travel insurance that covers medical assistance and other possible incidents that occur DURING a trip.

Therefore, there is no need to have any concerns about it. You can request more information about this policy at our offices. This insurance DOES NOT INCLUDE the cancellation costs incurred BEFORE departure, whatever the cause. On the other hand, we recommend carrying the European Health Card, which is issued by Social Security and which can be requested at the INSS, in person or online, on all trips through Europe.

Jarditours’ General Conditions about Insurances might change under certain conditions.

To avoid any incident BEFORE a trip, we recommend taking out cancellation insurance that covers an unforeseen serious illness (not pre-existing), personal accident, hospitalization or family death produced before departure, in accordance with the conditions of The policy. This insurance must be contracted and paid for at the time of booking the trip (and not later).

People who have paid for a 1-day departure or activity and cancel the departure up to 72 hours before it, or the cancellation occurs due to force majeure circumstances beyond the control of the organization, the amount will be kept for 1 year to perform another similar output. Cancellations made within the previous 72 hours or no-show at the time of departure do not give the right to any refund or refund, whatever the reason.

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These combined group trips are subject to special economic contracting conditions. The cause is the prepayments imposed by the various services reserved in the circuits for groups (flights, transport, hotels, visits, etc.) with prices and special payment conditions.

Any cancellation of a participant affects the reservations and payments made by the group as a whole. Therefore, in addition to being governed by the general conditions of current regulations, cancellations have the following particular cancellation costs:

1.- Management fees: Once a reservation is made, any cancellation has a management fee of 30 euros.

2.- Cancellation expenses in circuits that include trips by plane, boat or AVE trains: Between 90 and 45 days before the departure of the trip: There is the loss of the advance or payment and signal requested for the reservation. Between 44 and 30 days: 50% of the total price of the trip. Between 29 and 15 days: 75% of the total price of the trip. Between 14 days and departure: 100% of the total price of the trip.General Conditions – Insurance – CancellationsNo-show: Failure to show up at the time of departure entails the loss of 100% of the amount, whatever the cause. Important: In no case is it possible to refund the amount of tickets issued for planes, ships and AVE trains.

3.- Cancellation expenses in the coach circuits: Between 90 and 15 days before the departure of the trip: There is the loss of the advance or payment and signal requested by the reservation. Between 14 and 7 days: 50% of the total price of the trip. Between 6 days and departure: 100% of the total price of the trip. No-show: Failure to show up at the time of departure entails the loss of 100% of the amount, whatever the cause.

NOTE: We recommend taking out cancellation insurance to prevent any unforeseen incident before a trip.

Documents for money: All necessary trips, excursions and outings must be accompanied by the necessary documentation (DNI / Passport, not expired). On international trips and for security reasons it is recommended to bring both documents and in separate places. When traveling around Europe, we also recommend carrying a European Health Insurance Card. For currency, it is advisable to bring cash in euros, local currency (if applicable) and also a VISA or similar card.

Hotels and rooms: We try to make all the hotels we hire comfortable and of good quality. We make sure they are central and well located. The rooms are usually double (2 twin beds or one king bed). People traveling alone, if they wish, may be located with other people in the group in a similar situation. When requesting a single room, hotels charge a surcharge. The number of single rooms is limited and must be requested at the time of registration, not later.

Extra expenses: There are NO optional excursions or unforeseen expenses on cultural trips to the European Center. All departures and excursions in our coach are always included in the price and therefore there is no need to pay any additional amount during the trip for this reason. Tickets to museums, monuments, castles, caves, shows,… and trips on public transport, funiculars, trains, boats, boats, taxis,… etc. are usually optional. These possible optional or private activities are paid for directly at the same place of visit. In general they are very small amounts. However, in all these cases we always try to manage, if possible, discounts and reduced group prices.

Clothing and luggage: To take part in all activities and trips, you must always wear comfortable and appropriate clothing, and especially non-slip, sports or mountain footwear, suitable for traveling and moving without difficulty, both in cities and in the natural environment. It is recommended that you hold your foot and ankle well to avoid possible accidents, such as falling and slipping on unstable, uneven or wet pavements. It is also recommended to bring an umbrella or raincoat, sunscreen, first aid kit, etc. Each participant is responsible for their own luggage and personal belongings, and therefore must control and monitor them at all times, especially on departures and arrivals at hotels, airports, etc. For daily excursions it is advisable to carry a comfortable backpack and not handbags or briefcases.

Climatology: The activities and trips are always carried out with the times indicated and according to the official program, regardless of the weather conditions of the previous days or the time of departure. Many years of experience tell us that even if it rains when the departure to Barcelona or the weather conditions are adverse, these can be completely different in the place of visit. And in the event that these conditions do not improve, alternative activities are always resorted to.

Coaches and seats: The coaches we use for excursions and trips are comfortable and modern and have air conditioning, ambient music, video, etc. They are driven by regular, expert and trusted drivers. No specific seats are reserved on the coaches, so that each participant can sit freely with their friends or acquaintances. Each person selects their seat as they board the vehicle in order of arrival. Seats remain fixed throughout the journey, except by mutual agreement between the passengers. Smoking and eating are not allowed inside the coaches. The use of a seat belt is mandatory.

Rules of conduct and safety: It is very important to comply with all the schedules and regulations established by the Teachers and Guides in the various activities, excursions and trips. Out of respect for the other participants in the group, participants must observe strict punctuality in schedules. The organization reserves the right of admission to activities and travel and may exclude from attendance at a particular activity, or unsubscribe from an excursion or trip to a person who violates safety rules, wear shoes or inappropriate or dangerous clothing for the area being visited, or which, due to its attitude, behavior, or physical condition, may harm or alter the development of activities and coexistence between attendees. The activities are not suitable for people with reduced mobility (PMR) or who, due to their personal situation, need individual attention. The non-use by any participant of any service, activity, visit or means of transport included in the price of an excursion or trip, does not give the right to any refund. Trips and excursions will be made with a minimum of 20 registered.

IMPORTANT: The organizers reserve the right to modify the schedules, visits and itineraries if any exceptional cause, weather, security or force majeure justifies it, and always for the benefit of the well-being and safety of participants. The organizers cannot take care of the incidents and financial expenses originated during the trips and departures due to force majeure, circumstances outside the organization or weather conditions, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, health problems, strikes, social or political conflicts, demonstrations, riots, breakdowns, delays, incidents on roads, means of transport and airports or in other public or private contracted services. Registration implies full acceptance of all sections of this brochure. These rules have been published on January 1, 2020 and cancel the previous ones.

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