All you need to know about Jarditours


In the activities, excursions and trips of Jarditours, we bring you closer to the best parks and gardens of Barcelona, Catalonia and Europe with botany, art and history professors. Join us, and participate in an authentic, active, local tourism experience and make new friends in a welcoming atmosphere. Keep reading if you want to know more about us!


What is the purpose of Jarditours


First of all, the aim of Jarditours is to bring our participants a joyful experience discovering parks and gardens in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Europe. Guided by our expert Professors and through exclusive visits, walkarounds, excursions and trips we aim to show you the richness and diversity of plants and flowers. Equally,we learn about   the art, history and architecture that we find in the best parks and private gardens.



What type and when  are Activities carried out


All our visits and excursions to parks and gardens are guided by our team of expert professors from different backgrounds, such as botany, biology, art and history.

Furthermore,we give a broad interpretation of the garden learning together about the flowers and plants that coexist in these natural spaces, as well as the history and the design of its architecture. The explanations are informative and accessible for the general public to enjoy.

Activities and Excursions take place on a weekly basis and are hold all year round, visiting each Garden at its best moment . In general, trips of two and more days including a hotel stay are usually programmed on weekends and holidays.

Also, our routes are different from those you can find in any other travel agency because we go where the others do not. We encourage passion and respect for the environment around us, knowing it with depth, calm and joy.


Who organizes Jarditours


Mireia Teixidó, Jarditours Director and founder, leads the garden activities and tours, which are exclusively proposed in the Cultural Program offered by Centre Europeu.

Centre Europeu is a specialized cultural center and travel agency founded in 1977 in Barcelona, Spain, dedicated to the organization of leisure activities focused on Culture and Nature. 


What atmosphere will you find


We are sure you will enjoy good moments with Jarditours. Certainly, the explanations and activities are accessible for everyone interested, no need of previous experience in botany.

Beside that, you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere among participants. Whether you come alone or accompanied here you will find your place. Meet new people and share great moments all together. Just come with good vibes!


How to contact us


Evidently, feel free to contact us for any question. Incredibly, we will address your query in less than 24h, without any obligation.

  • Fill up the Contact Form
  • Also, you are invited to mail us at
  • In the same way, you can call us at +34 93.430.99.79 from Monday-Friday from 11h-20h
  • Finally, you can visit us at our offices at Av. Diagonal 441 (Muntaner corner) in Barcelona.


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